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Ribbon Rampage

It was, in all truth, started as an altruistic act of holiday cheer. She had carefully selected wrapping paper and ribbon that would make wonderfully elaborate presentations under the Christmas tree. She had all the gift boxes she needed for his gifts and magic tape . . . so it was in all truth purely meant and planned. Then . . . the spirit of the season got a hold of her and everything went to hell.

Now, it should be said that it did not immediately go to hell. It went well for the wrapping part of the plan for the most part. Each package carefully and meticulously wrapped with crisp, cleanly folded edges and only the tiniest amount of tape to hold it closed so that one might think Santa's elves had snuck in and done the wrapping. They looked like Christmas gifts should look. Then, she had the socks she had bought him left. The beginning of the fall came when she thought to herself, 'I should wrap these in a playful way to make him guess what is inside.' That thought, while well intentioned, brought about the inevitable calamity to follow.

One aspect of socks is the squishiness and their ability to be folded, rolled, or contorted into a variety of shapes. So as she experimented with what possible clever shapes should could disguise them with she happened upon the final choice of a phallic tube that when wrapped bore a striking resemblance to something familiar. As she held up the 8 inch long package and it hung and bent just slightly from it's own weight at the end, she began to grin. Up till this point, her focus had been true to purpose but now. . . other things began to creep into her mind.

As she began to try and wrap it with the red velveteen ribbon to finish his package her thoughts wavered on that phrase. . . his package. It was only a short step from there to noticing how soft and pliant the ribbon was and from there a tiny leap to the realization that as she had no bra on, it was a simple act to lift her T shirt and begin to wrap her heavy breasts in the ribbon. So as she began to make loops which she pulled tight and slowly cinched her tits into a red ribbon harness, she abandoned any former planning and began to explore all the wonderful places red ribbon can be used to make tighter and tighter bindings until she was quite invested in this new task. So invested as a matter of fact that she did not hear the front door nor the footfalls on the stairs nor even the bedroom door creaking open. She was quite taken with her new explorations until she looked up to see him standing there looking at her.

This moment was a bit confusing at first as she had found that red ribbon bindings tended to bring about other thoughts and by the time he was standing there she was looking at him, head off the edge of the bed, upside down, breasts, body and throat well wrapped in ribbon, fingers under her panties and inside herself. So he, at first glance, appeared to be standing on the ceiling until she realized it was she, and not he, that was upside down. At a loss of what to do or say at being caught in such a state she blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"Merry Christmas."

While this salutation is normally joyful and triumphant his expression told her that he was feeling neither goodwill nor peace at the moment.

"Uh huh. .. " His voice hung in the air.

"Ummmmm" She squirmed and tried to think which is, it must be said, very hard when upside down.

"And you were. . . " he left it off for her to finish.

"Wrapping presents. . ."

"Uh huh. . . " Again the silent pause. "Well. . .I have to say. I think you missed."

"Ooops. . . .I . . . wow I didn't notice but I guess you're right." She said as she started to giggle.

"It's just. . ." another agonizing pause.

"Just. . .?"

"You have two fingers in yourself". He said.

She was confused at first and then realized she did in fact still have two fingers stuck in her pussy which she quickly withdrew with as little wet noise as possible.

"Now see. . . here's my problem with the whole 'oops defense'." He began to slowly pace back and forth like a prosecutor. "I might have bought it but. . . the two fingers in yourself sorta lends validity to a more premeditated mind set rather then accidental." He paused for her reply.

"Ummmm. . . I slipped?" She said in a half hearted defense.

"See. . . " He made a tsk tsk tsk sound, "I find it hard to imagine slipping and accidentally stuffing two fingers into yourself." He paused again and looked at her. "Can you see where I'm having trouble here?"

"Remember that dog you went to pet that turned around really qui. . . "

His look immediately told her that while he enjoys reminiscing, this was not the moment for that happy memory. Now she lost it and began to giggle uncontrollably. She rolled onto her belly and got to all fours but the giggling was not abated by becoming upright and in fact grew worse. This of course was the final little step into hell. Once she started, the more stern his look, the more she giggled. It was impossible to avert at this point. She was quite damned and decided to go with it and enjoy the ride. She began to rock back and forth singing Jingle Bells, making her breasts sway to the tune. Cuteness can sometimes bring redemption at the moment of damnation . . . she was trying really, really hard to be cute.

"Uh huh. . ." The silent pause this time was filled with her uncontrollable giggles. Even he had to work hard to suppress a smile at the sound. Then he noticed the wrapped socks . . . or rather the cock shaped package which was by now somewhat soggy because of wet fingers groping it.

"Ummmm. . ." He paused to think of how to postulate his question so that there would be no doubt as to what he was asking about. "You got me a cock?"

Now she couldn't control it any longer, she broke out into gales of laughter. "No. . . . Silly. . . .It's a surprise."

"A surprise cock?"

She snorted she laughed so hard.

"Mine isn't good enough? I need a bigger and wetter one?" He asked and she grabbed the package and waved it at him.

"It's socks! Surprise!"

"A cock sock?" He asked making her laugh more.

"No! A foot sock."

"A foot long . . . who's cock were you thinking of when you got that?" He asked and she snorted again.

She slumped to her side and looked up at him and smiled. "I was wrapping and then I was trying to make it so you didn't know what it was and then I started thinking of you and. . ." She smiled and blushed.

His face softened and he grinned back at her. "I know baby girl."

She grinned at him.

"And I got a surprise for you too." He said with an evil smile that made her both excited and scared. "And the really funny thing is . . . we were both thinking the same thing." He began to chuckle. She stopped smiling all of a sudden. She really didn't like when he chuckled. It always meant that something was coming that she wasn't prepared for. Chuckling was on the verge of being a hard limit for her. She thought about saying red but figured with the ribbon still tying her tight she didn't have much of a case so she stayed quiet and cringed. He could see the reaction in her and that made him chuckle more . . . he was an evil man . . . and just for the record, she loved him for it.

"Stay here. . .I have a surprise." He said with an evil grin. She started to protest but he put a finger to his lips to shush her. She went quiet and began to pout. He smiled at her and turned to leave the room. "Now, stay still till I get back."

He left the room and she was suddenly struck by the impossibility of staying still. Had he not said anything it might have been possible but just the sheer fact of telling her to stay still made it virtually impossible. Now she was thinking about staying still and the need to wiggle became exponentially more difficult because now she was amazingly, impossibly aware of her need to move. She bit her lip and tried but, she gave in and wiggled her tits just once to relieve the inescapable pressure of mental inertia.

Of course, that was just the moment he walked back in with his eyes amazingly fixed on her wiggling tits. You'd think that he would take a brief moment to orient himself with the room as he walked back in but no . . . it was like he had a hidden camera and knew just where to look, his eyes came in locked on her one small movement immediately. He smiled as she began to try and come up with a possibly excuse.

"No worries, we'll see to that." He placed a bag on the dresser and smiled.

"I. . ." She started.

Placing a finger on his lips he shushed her again. There is a time and place for shushing . . . this was the time and the place and she felt as though her voice was instantly taken away as he did it. As she waited, as she sat there with the ribbon now starting to bite into her flesh slightly, as she sat there wondering what delicious plans he had for her, as she felt her tits still slightly swaying, the shush was an irresistible force of nature. With a finger he quieted her soul.

"See, the really amazing part is . . . well . . . the ribbon." He said turning his back to her and beginning to rummage through the bag he had brought. She couldn't see what he was doing but could hear tearing sounds and the sound of some sort of packaging being opened.

"It's like we are so on the same wavelength because I had an idea too. I thought maybe I would make a pretty package for you." She grinned . . . she loved presents. "No . . . strike that, reverse it. . . I would make a pretty package of you." He chuckled and turned.

In his hands were several rolls of what looked to be bright red tape. As he toyed with the end of one of the rolls it became apparent it was a stretchy material . . . then she grinned back at him . . . it was latex bondage tape. Bright red latex strips in rolls . . .

"You got ribbon too!" She said laughing.

"Lots of ribbon . . ." He turned again and withdrew another three rolls so that he held 7 rolls total.

She stopped grinning. He brain was doing the math . . . six inches wide . . . 7 rolls. . .

"Um . . ."

"Ya . . . you got it." He chuckled.

"But . . ."

"Shhhh" He grinned.

She started to giggle. He tossed the rolls onto the bed beside her and grabbed her hair and pulled her to him. Bending over he kissed her with one of those "I want to eat you alive" kisses. She moaned and felt her already wet pussy become sloppy and drippy. His kisses melted her. He grabbed at her hanging tits, his strong hand groping and squeezing until the shivers of pain made her start to moan. Pulling back and standing up she was left face to face with the bulge in his jeans. She grinned and licked her lips but he laughed and pulled her hair back so she was facing up at him.

"I don't think so . . . we have presents to wrap." He teased.

She pushed her lower lip out in a pout and he just laughed at her. His hand still grasping her hair, he pulled her over to the edge of the bed so that she was kneeling across it. Then, starting to hum merrily, he picked up one of the rolls of tape. Her excitement made staying still hard. As he slowly began to let the tape unroll so he had a starting flap, she wanted to grab it and roll over and over, covering herself in it giggling gleefully.

She did however realize just how bad that idea would be and decided against it. She was clever that way.

Letting go of her hair, he held the tape just under one of her hanging breasts and pulled it tight across her chest and up her side. Looping it back around he didn't pull it tight at first, he moved the positioning to be snug right against the base of her tit and then pulled it gently and slowly. She felt the rubber go snug and then tight and then really tight. Satisfied with the fit he began to loop it around her ribs and down to her belly pulling it harder each looping so that it kept pulling tighter and tighter, the latex stretching and holding her.

As the first roll neared finish he had reached her belly and she had the feeling of being in a corset, the tight hug so that you can't breath fully deep feeling. He tucked the end of the first roll under the start of the second and made a loop to keep the tension on. He continued to wind her in his "ribbon" all the way down to the hips, the tightness now making bending more of a task as his wraps were layered over the top of the previous just enough that it was getting stiffer with each pass.

He tucked in the tape under the pass above it and grabbed a third roll. He moved over behind and her grabbed her ass. She purred in excitement as he moved her how he wanted her to be. There was no gentle urging, he simply grabbed, lifted, and dropped her how he wanted her to be positioned. He pushed her legs tight together and began to wind her legs with the tape, pulling even harder then before, she felt her legs slowly being bonded together into a single rubber limb.

Between that roll and the next, he completely encased her legs in a layer of "ribbon" and she was unable to move them at all. She fussed a bit and he chuckled and gave her a hard swat on the ass to shut her up.

"Shhhh. . .be still." He whispered behind her. She could hear the excitement in his voice. The next roll was used to wrap from her legs to her chest and back, in effect solidifying her pose on all fours. Then the end of the roll he made a big loose loop arounf her ass and then another and then pulled both hard and tied them into a bow. She giggled as he cinched it tight against her cheeks. She could feel the loops of the bow resting against her ass cheeks and the image of herself, tied and bowed and bare pussy dripping. . . She felt the warmth inside her bubbling out.

Then he was in front of her again and smiling. Just as she was going to speak to him he grabbed the latex tying her chest to legs and flipped her over completely on her back. The pulling, he brought her out so that her shoulders and arms were off the bed. As she squealed in surprise and tried to balance herself, he pushed her arms over her tits and began to weave her tightly into the latex like some perverted spider. It was fast and tight and not gentle at all. He made pass after pass with the tape until her arms and hands were quite tied in place. Then he covered her shoulders and neck.

The last roll he wrapped several tight passes over her tits and then up around her jaw line. Then the next pass went over her forehead. She was in heaven. The tape held in every bit of her body heat except for the exposed pussy that seemed to be licked by the chilly air. She grinned and closed her eyes as he passed the tape over her eyes and ears. The world receeded from reality at that point. . . She could here him but everything else ceased to be. He was humming a song . . . she started to giggle as she realized it was "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town".

Then the pass of tape went over her mouth and nose. At first she was shocked but it was loose and she could easily breath. She was encased except for her pussy. She simply floated in an altered reality waiting for what he was going to do next.

Then she was picked up and turned over, like some toy or piece of furniture. She was placed face down, ass in the air. She tried to move but couldn't, the tape was holding her fast in that exact position no matter how hard she pulled.

Then he was hitting the chorus and she heard him singing. . . .

"Santa Clause is coming to town!"

As he sang the song he grabbed the bow he had tied snug to her ass and pulled and pulled and pulled and then. . . .let it go.

The snap was probably not as bad as she felt it but with all other sensations cut off, it seemed so amazingly powerfully painful. She cried out and he grabbed it again and let it go again so that mid scream she squealed in surprise.

"Santa Clause is"

And again and again and again.

"coming to town. . . "

And again and again, her ass was exploding in pain, the sting was really amazing. . . it covered nearly her entire ass at once, both cheeks erupting in sting all at the same time.

"Santa clause is coming. . . ."

And again and again and again. . .

"to toooooooowwwwwwnnnnnn."

For the big finale, he snapped it three times, impossibly fast and then just as she was starting to register the pain and starting to squeal, fingers in her cunt. Her squeal changed, became a moan as he began to finger fuck her fast and hard.

"Is coming. . ."

Three fingers jammed in and out of her pussy, the wetness squishing out and down her legs, It flowed over and under the latex, dripping, splashing. She could feel it, knew what a sloppy mess she was.

"is coooommmming"

Hard and fast and deep . . . his fingers slid in and out and in and out, pushing her to orgasm. She began to moan. That was when the song stopped.

"Do not open till Christmas!" He said and chuckled. She didn't know what that meant and then the strip of latex over her mouth and nose pulled tight. Suddenly she couldn't breath. . .she was unable to move or shift to get any air.

"Jingle tits! Jingle tits!!" He crooned as his fingers fucked her cunt mercilessly.

She tried to move but couldn't, she tried to scream but couldn't. . . .His fingers, deeper and harder and faster. . . . She was getting dizzy, was spinning. She felt her pussy exploding. . .the orgasm seemed to just wash her away, she couldn't cry out. . . .she couldn't sob. . . she just came and came as his fingers fucked her more and more.

"Jingle all the way!!!!!!" His voice was growing distant as she felt the fire of the orgasm dripping out of her pussy . . . his voice faded . . . everything faded. . .

"Presents. . ."

His voice, still with her . . . everything else fading . . . then air . . . deep gulps of air and with it sobs. . .

"Presents for Master"

His voice wrapping around her. . . .She was encased in his voice . . . held by it. . . The air, so cold to her throat as she gulped in between sobs . . .

"Presents. . ."

Yes . . . she was. . .all for him . . . all for him. . . She felt him holding her so tightly . . .

". . . For Master."

She was a beautiful present . . . All for him.

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