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Wednesday Morning

Mistress Black

She strode confident as a puma down the path towards the house. She wore a knee length black sheath dress and 5 inch Mary Jane's that clacked as she walked across the flagstones. Her hair was a lustrous mane of black curls that fell over her shoulders and across her milk white face. Her hazel brown eyes were shaded from the hot August sun by dark sunglasses and her cherry red lips full with sensuous promise. She reached the porch, pressed the doorbell with a black shellacked finger and waited.

Susie was a law school graduate who worked part time in bars and cleaning jobs to make ends meet. She also modelled for art classes and photographers when the opportunity arose. The house she was visiting that morning belonged to a successful photographer she met at a fetish club downtown. She was his paid model and muse which paid well and on Wednesday morning she cleaned his house which was not so lucrative or fun. She knew they shared certain kinks but to date they only played out only in front of the camera. His long thick lens probing and exploring her curvaceous body but never his cock.

Footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway and the door opened. The photographer was in his mid-forties his grey streaked blonde hair was an unruly mop which gave him an artistic look. His features were sharp and intelligent with cold calculating blue eyes. He wore a white linen shirt over broad shoulders tucked into black jeans that complimented his well-developed thighs. He ushered her from the bright glaring summer sunlight into the cool dark of a black and white tiled hallway where she shivered in her summer dress through which the points of her full breasts could be seen pushing through the material.
'What is it to be today cleaning or posing?' She asked playfully putting her hands on her hips in an exaggerated pose. 'Why don't you come into the kitchen and find out' the photographer replied. A look of disappointment flashed across her face because on the kitchen floor was a hard bristled scrubbing brush and a bucket of steaming soapy water. Her mouth opened slightly in confusion as he had set up his photographic equipment and camera lights. 'I always thought you were a scrubber so today I'd like you to scrub' he joked.

He asked her to turn around and she obeyed. Being his model she was used to following his instructions. 'Now strip' he ordered. She undid dress and slowly pulled it over her head revealing curvaceous thighs and round smooth buttocks. She seldom wore underwear. She threw the dress into the corner and stood naked with her back to him. He tied her hair back so that it fell in dark ringlets down her back. He could hear her panting breath and sense her excitement at what lay ahead.
He passed her a plastic bottle with pump applicator. 'What's this' she asked? 'Coconut oil, I want you to be nice and shiny'. Susie pumped some oil into her hand and rubbed the oil onto her slender arms and legs. She blushed as she started to work the oil onto her breasts with circular hand motions. 'I might need some help' she said passing him the applicator. Strong hands rubbed the oil across her back and massaged her round buttocks. Was it by accident or design that an oily hand slid between her legs and grazed her clitoral hood?

She now stood before him oiled up reflective and glistening like an alabaster goddess. He opened his leather attache bag he liked to keep his toys in and withdrew a pair of leather cuffs. 'Turn around and kneel' and she did her face tantalising close to his crotch which already concealed a bulge. He was getting excited too. He carefully placed the cuffs around her wrists and ordered her to pick up the scrubbing brush. Crawling on her knees she picked up the brush and holding it in both hands she dipped it into the hot soapy water and began to scrub the floor. She moved the brush backwards and forwards across the slippery floor to the repeated sound of a camera shutter.

Her knees slipped on the wet floor as she scrubbed forcing her to her elbows. To gain purchase she had to spread her knees apart which raised her ass in the air and gave him a view of her tight asshole which traced figure of eights in the air. Her labia gaped and the Photographers aching large cock trapped within his tight jeans desired nothing more than to plunge itself deep within her pussy. Her erect dark nipples grazed the floor as her full breasts swung backwards and forwards as she scrubbed.
Groaning he put his camera down and reached into his bag of tricks. He pulled out what first looked like a whip and Susie let out a gasp. Then she realised that it was a shiny metal but plug with a horse's tail attached. She also noticed wide eyed that the photographer had a huge erection and cuffed on the floor on her knees and ass in the air that she was vulnerable and helpless. This turned her on even more. He squeezed some clear lube on to his index finger and slipped it into her sphincter which widened as if by command. He worked his finger in an out feeling her asshole contract and widen. She groaned at the sensation. She felt cold metal being inserted into her hot asshole which snapped back over the end of the plug holding it in place like a vice. She felt a sharp slap just above her vagina which make the area fill with a rosy warm glow. His rough hands caressed her buttocks and playfully spanked her ass. He put his three middle fingers together leaving the thumb and little finger sticking out like horns. He slid three fingers between her legs and inside her. She was wet and slippery from the oil so he didn't find much resistance. With his free hand he caressed her clitoris as his other finger fucked Suzie from behind. She felt the ache of orgasm approach as if her clitoris was going to explode. She felt pulsating waves of pleasure crash over her body and arched her back as she in spasm as she surfed waves of pleasure. Exhausted she slumped against the hard wet floor.

'What do you want as a reward for making my floor so clean' he asked. 'I want you to fuck me' she breathlessly replied. It was now his turn to follow orders. He pulled his shirt over his head, too impatient to undo the buttons. He undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. Released from its prison his large thickly veined erect penis sprang out in front of him. He grabbed her by the hips from behind pulling her ass into the air. She gasped as he entered her. Still grabbing her hips he pumped her glistening body, his shaved balls banging against her pubis. Her cunt was tight and undulating and sent waves of pleasure as his thrusts became quicker. She could feel another orgasm approaching and wiggled her toes in anticipation. The photographer could sense he was about to come but did nothing to delay the outcome. His thighs slapped against her oiled ass with renewed vigour as she tensed, rolled back her eyes and moaned in ecstasy. He took this as a cue and emptied his load deep inside her pulsating cunt.

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