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Ms Smith's new Secretary



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Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Alice who had just graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration. She was eager to start her career and landed an interview at one of the most prestigious companies in the city. To her surprise, she was hired as a personal assistant to the CEO herself a powerful and intimidating businesswoman by the name of Ms. Smith.
Alice was both excited and nervous about her new job. She had heard rumors that Ms. Smith was notorious for her demanding personality and strict expectations. However, she was determined to prove herself and show her boss that she was capable of handling any task thrown her way.

On her first day, Alice arrived at Ms. Smiths office early, dressed impeccably in a tailored suit and her hair styled perfectly. As she walked into the room, she noticed Ms. Smith eyeing her up and down, taking in every detail of her appearance.
Impressive, Ms. Smith said, but we have much more important things to discuss than your wardrobe.
She went on to explain that she needed Alice to handle various administrative tasks, but also expected her to be available at all times to attend to her needs. In exchange for her loyalty and dedication, Ms. Smith promised to provide Alice with valuable experience and opportunities for advancement within the company.

As the weeks went by, Alice quickly learned that Ms. Smith was not joking when she mentioned her demanding personality. She worked long hours and often demanded immediate responses to her emails and phone calls. But despite the challenges, Alice remained committed to her job and proved herself to be a reliable and trustworthy employee.
One afternoon, while sitting at her desk working on a report, Alice received a text message from Ms. Smith asking her to come to her office immediately. Feeling anxious but determined to impress her boss, Alice hurried over to Ms. Smiths office without hesitation.
When she arrived, Ms. Smith greeted her warmly and offered her a seat. After some small talk, Ms. Smith suddenly leaned forward and whispered something in Alices ear. Alice could feel her heart racing as she realized that Ms. Smith had a different kind of request for her.

Without warning, Ms. Smith grabbed hold of Alices hand and led her over to her desk. She then began to unbutton her blouse, revealing her full breasts covered in lacy black lingerie.
Alice felt a rush of excitement and anticipation coursing through her body as she watched Ms. Smith undress in front of her. Her boss then took off her pants and sat back down on her leather executive chair, spreading her legs wide open.

Without saying a word, Ms. Smith motioned for Alice to kneel between her legs. After being ordered to kneel between Ms. Smiths legs, Alice didnt hesitate to oblige. She reached out and gently grasped her bosss thighs, feeling the softness of her pubic hair against her fingertips. Slowly, she lowered her head towards Ms. Smiths vaginal area, taking in the sweet scent of her arousal.

As she approached Ms. Smiths center, she saw that the older woman was fully exposed, her labia puffy and wet with desire. Without thinking twice, Alice pressed her lips against Ms. Smiths mound and began to kiss it tenderly, teasing her clitoris with her tongue.
The sensation of Ms. Smiths pubic hair tickling her nose and mouth was both exciting and humbling for Alice. She felt a sense of power and control over her boss, knowing that she held the key to her orgasm in her own hands.
Soon enough, Alice began to move faster and harder, sucking on Ms. Smiths clit like a lollipop until it became swollen and sensitive. She could hear the older woman moaning loudly, her voice echoing throughout the room as she begged Alice to go faster.
With each passing second, Alice felt her own desire growing stronger and more intense. The taste of Ms. Smiths juices on her lips was intoxicating, driving her to keep going even though her jaw was starting to ache.
Finally, after several minutes of hard work, Alice felt Ms. Smiths body tense up as she climaxed. She let out a loud cry of pleasure, her eyes closed tight as she writhed in ecstasy. Alice couldnt help but smile as she felt the warm liquid splash onto her face, marking her as Ms. Smiths property forever.

Despite the initial shock and discomfort, Alice felt a wave of arousal flood through her body as she realized what she had done. She knew that she had crossed a line, but at the same time, she couldnt deny the intensity of the emotions that were running through her.
As she looked up at Ms. Smith, still sprawled out in her executive chair, Alice felt a mixture of shame, pride, and excitement. She wasnt sure exactly what lay ahead, but she knew that whatever came next, she would be ready to take it on with everything she had.