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Testing Times



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I was playing video games when the phone rang, and I picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hi there. You are the applicant for the new product test subjects job. When are you available?"

"Um, I'm not really available right now, but I will be by the end of the week," I said. "I don't have any experience in that type of work, and I'm a bit worried about being tied down all day for several weeks. I am pretty good with my hands, but I don't know if that is what you are looking for."

"We are not looking for a skilled worker. This is just a test and a trial run. There will be some money involved, and I think it would be an interesting job to help us out. We do not require you to stay for several weeks. We will only need you for a few days, and then we will let you go," the voice said.

"Can you give me more details? I need to be certain I am getting paid for the time I am there," I said.

"You will be paid by the hour and will be free to go once we are done. I can give you a couple of hours of details right now, and then I will send you more information this afternoon."

I told her I was willing to listen to the details and agreed to meet her the next day. The rest of the day went by quickly. I had nothing planned, so I went to a movie and then back to my apartment. I was sitting in my room with the phone in my hand when I decided to call her back. I really needed some extra money, and I had heard of people testing drugs or giving blood.

"Hello, this is Maggie from the Human Sexual Response Research Institute. Is this Erica?"

"Yes, this is Erica. I was thinking about your job offer and wondered when you would need me to start. I can start as soon as you want me there," I said.

"We are not sure exactly when we need you. The sooner the better though," she said.

I told her I could be there the next morning if that was what she needed. If we are satisfied, we may consider an extension."

"Can you explain?" I asked. "I mean, you sound so clinical about the whole thing."

"I am a scientist. I am going to use this as part of my doctoral thesis research. I am seeking new ways to stimulate the female body. We have learned so much about how to stimulate men and how to simulate sexual arousal and orgasm. I want to expand that knowledge base and make sure women are getting the proper stimulus to maximize their pleasure. It is difficult to obtain an unbiased opinion, but that is why we are hiring women from the local university to test our machines.

"Are you free right now? I can give you more details over the phone, but it would be easier if you were to see my laboratory and the machines."

I told her that I was free and would come as soon as I could get dressed. I called the library to let them know I would be a little late for my shift, and then I got dressed and left the apartment. I didn't know exactly what she meant by the machines, but it was an interesting concept. I hadn't really considered the need for sex machines, but now I was wondering if that was part of the appeal.

When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed a white van with the Human Sexual Response Research Institute written on the side of the van. I rang the doorbell, and a woman with blonde hair opened the door. I followed her into the lab where she led me to a seat.

"We are ready to begin. Are you ready?" she asked.

"Yes, I am ready to start," I said.

"Please wait here. I will be right back. I have something that I would like you to try on."

I sat in the chair as she went down the hall and came back with a plastic suit. "We are ready to begin, and I want you to wear this for the time being. It will help me make notes for my thesis research."

"Can you explain?" I asked. "I mean, you sound so clinical about the whole thing."

"I am a scientist. I am going to use this as part of my doctoral thesis research. I am seeking new ways to stimulate the female body. We have learned so much about how to stimulate men and how to simulate sexual arousal and orgasm. I want to expand that knowledge base and make sure women are getting the proper stimulus to maximize their pleasure. It is difficult to obtain an unbiased opinion, but that is why we are hiring women from the local university to test our machines. I have one question that I am curious about, how do you feel about being tied up?"

"I have never really thought about being tied up before. It might be an interesting experience," I said.

"Well, I would like to see what you would look like with your hands tied behind your back and the machine sucking your nipples. You will be on display and completely exposed. Would that be something you would be comfortable with?" she asked.

"I don't know. It does sound interesting, and I am willing to try anything once," I said.

"Well, that is the first step in trying it. Please wait here."

She left the room, and I looked around to see if there was anything I could see. The lab was set up like a typical doctor's office.

I sat there for ten minutes when she came back in. "If you want to try one of the machines, we can go into the testing room, and I will help you."

She led me to a room with a table and told me to climb up and position myself on all fours. "Now to make sure you don't move during the experiment I am going to restrain you".

I watched as she strapped my wrists to the table and then my ankles so I could not move. A ceiling hoist descended and attached to the chain was a leather harness. This was strapped around my waist which lifted my ass up into the air and made me feel exposed.

The scientist wheeled a machine by the side of the table. This looked like a milking machine with two sucking cups. One was attached to my right nipple. The other was attached to my left nipple. She pressed a button on the machine, and it began to suck on my nipples. "You are going to get used to that sensation."

"What is going to happen next?" I asked.

"I am going to bring this machine closer to you. It is going to fuck you in your pussy and your ass," she said pulling black latex gloves over her hands. She then took a bottle of lube and spread it on her hands. She gently massaged my ass, and I felt her fingers push into my ass. "You have a nice tight ass. I bet I could stick a couple of fingers in."

"This is your first time, and I want to make sure you are ready for this experience."

"I am ready," I said.

"I don't want to hurt you, so I am going to put on the machine and lube it up. You will feel some discomfort as the machine is inserted into your ass. We will use a smaller dildo for your pussy so you don't feel too much pressure."

The machine was attached to a dildo that was the size of a finger. She lubed up the machine, and the dildo entered my ass. The machine began to pump back and forth into my ass and moved up and down my asshole. I moaned loudly as it felt so good to have something inside me. It was a foreign feeling and completely different than being fucked. I could hear the sucking sound as it was moving back and forth, and the machine was pressing on my insides. I knew she could see the machine going in and out.

"Do you like the feeling? Do you like it being inside your ass?" she asked.

"Yes, it feels so good."

"Good, I am going to insert the dildo into your pussy now," she said as she lubed up the dildo and inserted it into my pussy. She moved the machine around in my pussy until I was comfortable with it. "Now I am going to fuck you."

The machines moved forward and backward while they fucked me in my ass and pussy. The dildo in my ass rubbed against my inner wall and made me moan loudly. "Do you like this?" she asked.

"Yes, it feels so good to have something inside me," I said.

I was on display. My nipples were being sucked by the milking machine, and my pussy was getting fucked by a dildo in the machine and my ass by another. She could see everything as it was right in front of her eyes.

The scientist had her hands on my ass cheeks as she pushed them back and forth. She then lubed up her hand and started to rub on my pussy. "You have such a beautiful pussy," she said as she put her fingers inside me.

She pressed a button, and the dildo began to fuck my pussy faster. I felt like I was being fucked harder, and I had a feeling it was because she was touching me. "You like this, don't you?"

"Yes, it feels so good."

"You are going to come very soon," she said as she reached forward and began to rub my clit. "Do you want to come?"

"I want to come."

She rubbed my clit for a few seconds, and then she grabbed my clit between her finger and thumb and pinched it. I felt a spark run through my body, and I felt like I was being electrocuted. I had a sensation of something falling over inside me, and my body shook as I came hard. I tried to talk, but I was moaning and groaning as the machines fucked me harder, and I was on the verge of another orgasm.

I started to cum again, and she pinched my clit once more. I felt like my insides were going to explode, and I wanted her to touch me more. I couldn't move my arms, but I wanted her to reach down and rub my clit again. My insides were shaking and felt like they were vibrating. She had a large grin on her face as she watched me come hard.

The machines were fucking me faster, and I could see my pussy was red with the effort of cumming so hard. I was screaming so loud as I felt like I had been fucked into submission. I couldn't believe how much I was cumming and how hard I was shaking.

I felt like I was floating in space as my mind went blank, and the sensation washed over me like a wave. I was getting fucked hard from both sides, and I felt like I was being held by a giant monster. It was so strange because I could not see anything, and it felt like I was in a dream.

She pinched my clit once more, and I came again. I had no idea how many times I had cum, but I knew I was going to pass out if she kept pinching my clit. She kept touching me for a few seconds, and then she reached up and grabbed my clit between her fingers and pinched it again. My body went rigid as I felt like my insides were on fire. I screamed as I came so hard, I thought I was going to explode.

"Are you ready for the next part of the experiment?" she asked as she pinched my clit one last time. "You are going to love this part."

"I don't know if I can handle any more," I said.

"I am going to have you suck a dildo and then fuck you. We have learned that women like to be fucked while they suck a dildo," she said.

She used a different type of dildo that had a suction cup. She placed the dildo on the table in front of my face. "Do you want to suck a dildo?" she asked.

"I want to suck it," I said.

She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into the dildo. I took the dildo into my mouth and sucked on it. It tasted funny, and I could taste the lube that was on the machine. The scientist leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Suck on it hard and deep. I want to see your lips around the dildo. If you don't do a good job, you will be punished."

I was getting fucked hard from both sides. I could hear the machines fucking my pussy and ass. It felt like they were pushing into me with their dildos. I started to suck harder on the dildo.

She reached down and started to rub on my clit. "I like this. Keep sucking and make sure your tongue goes around the dildo."

I sucked on the dildo as hard as I could. I felt her fingers rubbing on my clit and moving in circles. "I can't take it any longer. I need to come."

I started to feel the same sensation that I felt before. It felt like something was falling down on top of me, and I couldn't stop it from happening. I knew what was going to happen next, and I wanted her to make me cum again. I didn't know how many times I had cum already, but I wanted her to keep touching me. She started to pinch my clit again and then started to pull it. I started to feel another orgasm coming.

The scientist pinched my clit one last time. I started to shake and then I came again. This time, I was so weak that I couldn't even scream as my body went limp. I felt my body being moved by the machines that were fucking me hard, and I felt like I was going to fall.

"You have done a great job. We are going to give you a break now. Let us know when you feel ready to go on. We will not keep you longer than you want."

I didn't say anything because my head was spinning, and I was so tired.

The machines stopped fucking me, and I heard her say, "I am going to let you go for a few minutes. Do you think you can walk?"

I tried to get up but could not. I could not even lift my arms. "I don't think I can," I said.

I heard her talking to someone on the phone. I thought maybe it was an alarm for the machines. The next thing I knew, she was untying me and letting me down from the harness. I was so weak, I could barely stand on my feet. She helped me back to the chair. "Are you alright?" she asked. "You have done a great job today."

"What did we learn from this?" I asked.

"That you like to be fucked. Is that correct?" she asked.

"Yes, I liked being fucked," I said.

"We will have to continue this experiment again tomorrow. We are going to try something different."