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Kinky Tale BDSM Erotica

The Girl through the Hole in the Wall


Genre: Erotica, BDSM

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A man descends into a dingy basement. He has paid one hundred bucks for this experience but doesn't know what to expect. set in the far wall is a circular trapdoor, a few inches wide like a porthole in a ship. It is set at waist height.

Above the trapdoor set into the wall is a small video screen displaying the room on the other side.

The man's dick gets hard as a rock as he watches a stunning red-haired woman enter the room on the screen. She is completely naked.

Her tits are the size and shape of ripe pears. Her nipples are dark and hard. Her shaved cunt is pink and glistens in the strip light. She looks up at the camera positioned on the ceiling and smiles. "Your time starts now, honey". She mouthes. With a click, the trapdoor in the wall opens from the inside. revealing a smooth inch-thick tube connecting this room and the next.

The man unzips his pants and sticks his stiffening cock through the hole. Thrusting his hips until his balls slap against the wall.

On the screen he sees the head of his penis emerge into the room. The woman's reaction was to kneel down and greet his cock.

Through the ceiling camera, he can see the back of the woman's head, the sweep of her back, and her perfect ass.

He feels her hot breath on the tip of his penis and smells her scent. Her tongue teases him with rapid flicks then sensual and slow strokes. Then she takes the head between her full moist lips. She sucks his cock gently at first and then harder as she gets excited. "Oh fuck, that feels good" he moans as the sensation travels up and down his shaft. She gives him a blowjob like he has never experienced before.

He can feel her warm mouth around his cockhead and her tongue swirling around it. As she sucks him off, she moves her head up and down swiveling it this way and that. His body is responding to her every suck and head bob. His balls are tightening and his body is becoming more and more excited. "Not yet, Honey" she coos. As she withdraws he can feel cool air against his twitching cock.

On-screen he watches as she turns around and positions her ass above his cock. Her pussy is just a few inches away from his cock. He feels her fingers grab his shaft and guide it into her vice-like warmth. She pushes her hips backward and impales herself on his cock. He can feel the head pop inside her cunt and then the whole of his cock inside her tight cunt.

Her back arches and ass is in the air as she takes his cock deeper and deeper inside her. Her tight cunt and rhythmic thrusting is skillfully bringing him to the edge again. He can feel his balls tightening and his body becoming more and more excited. This is going to be the best fuck of my life. I can feel it in my balls. I can see it on the screen. It is going to be amazing" he gasps with each thrust.

The red-haired woman on the screen is getting more and more excited. Her back arches as her ass cheeks slap against the wall above his cock. She is going to cum soon. He can see the muscles in her cunt tighten and her body becomes more and more tense. "Don't you dare come! Not yet" she scolds. He can feel her pussy clench around his cock and his balls tighten. She is trying to hold him back from cumming.

She pushes herself away from the wall and he can feel her juices cool on his shaft as her cunt withdraws. He watches as she picks up a pump dispenser bottle and fills her hand with lube. He watches mesmerized as she spreads her ass cheeks and inserts a lubed-up digit up her pink ass bud. She moans with pleasure as she pushes a finger inside her ass and then a second and a third. She is massaging her clit while she does this and it is driving her crazy.
She is playing with her ass while she lubes up his cock.

She pushes her hips backward and his cock head nuzzles against her asshole. Her entrance resists his head and then surrenders to admit his cock. Once through it contracts tightly around his shaft, it feels incredible.

Unconsciously his hips trust against the wall as he feels his cock slide deep inside her ass. He thrusts deeper and deeper and she pushes back harder and harder. He can feel his balls tightening begging to erupt. He can see the back of her head as she moans with pleasure and he can feel her ass squeezing around his cock. "I want to fill your ass" he pants as he feels that he is about to come. She screams with pleasure. His cock twitched inside her ass and then he lets out a huge groan as he lets hot juice erupt out of his balls.
"Oh fuck, Oh fuck".

Wave after wave of cum explodes deep into her asshole. She moans with pleasure as she pulls away and his head pops out of her ass.

She felt full and contented. Kneeling down she cleans his dripping cum and her juices from his shaft with her mouth. She smiles mischievously up at the camera. Before bending down to show off his cum leaking out of a gaping asshole.

Then she is gone. Leaving him euphoric and alone in that dingy basement.